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Cyber Monday Toshiba NB305-N600 Netbook

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Toshiba NB305-N600 10.1-Inch Netbook (Blue)Cyber Monday Toshiba NB305-N600 Netbook

I use the Toshiba NB305 N600 that I bought on Cyber Monday, 2GB of RAM. Dual-Core processor and wireless works adventurous 801N. I have loaded MS Office 2007 and McAfee 2011th I’m not a delay or a processing capacity compared to desktop (2.8 GHz Single-Core-processor/4Gb RAM) or Laptop (1.6 GHz Single-Core-processor/2Gb RAM / 801G Wi-Fi) to see . In fact, it is faster than my laptop. I have no problem with the Windows 7 launch at the moment.

Since you already have a CD / DVD software is easy to download. I have a mini external hard drive 250GB (7200 rpm) that I use as a backup and to create a restore disk. I am a mini external hard drive to be with me for emergencies at home and when I use the recovery disc, or download additional software is not available for download. At this point everything is what you need to load the netbook HD and I do not even fully utilized up to 20%. If the weight and battery life, I do not ever lose my laptop. I use a netbook to school (not games or movies that are not in school). Life easier, because my books are available online. In addition, the battery means that they made no charge for the night and it was never the cord. What could be more perfect?

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Product by Toshiba
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SalesRank : 225
Listprices : $379.99
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J&R Music and Computer World $329.88
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Beach Camera $339.95


  • Intel Atom processor N550 1.5 GHz, 2x512KB L2 Cache
  • Configured with 1GB DDR3 (works at 667MHz, max 2GB)
  • 250GB (5400 RPM) Serial ATA hard disk drive with TOSHIBA Hard Drive Impact Sensor (3D sensor)
  • 10.1? diagonal widescreen TruBrite display at 1024 x 600 native resolution (WSVGA) with a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlite
  • Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit with a 6 cell/48Wh Lithium Ion battery pack; Battery Life (measured by MobileMark 2007): 8 hours, 21 minutes

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products Description

Leave your laptop at home. Tell your tablet or smartphone to step back. Because now you can enjoy a rich Internet experience on the run, thanks to our award-winning Toshiba mini NB305 netbook-a companion PC offering a smart, comfort-driven design and exclusive conveniences for light, on-the-go computing. Owing to excellent high-speed connectivity, a dual-core Intel Atom processor, plus up to an eight-hour battery life rating, this premium-styled, best-in-class netbook puts you in touch with your favorite people, sites, networks and media most everywhere you go-without compromising your freedom. It also gives you the reliability, compatibility and simplicity you want with Windows. Though small enough to throw in a purse or bag, it comes with an ample 10.1” diagonal display for surfing the web and more, and provides Toshiba “Smart Features” to enhance your mobile life-like a generous full-sized raised-tile keyboard and Touch Pad to ease input, USB Sleep & Charge, a Hard Drive Impact Sensor, Toshiba Media Controller, plus a metal finish. So why settle for the ordinary when you can move up and move out with Toshiba’s mini NB305 netbook?

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