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Cyber Monday Toshiba NB505-N508TQ Netbook

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Toshiba NB505-N508TQ 10.1-Inch Netbook
Cyber Monday Toshiba NB505-N508TQ Netbook

Toshiba NB505 netbook
is very similar to the NB305 exchanged several items with a card reader, audio, the player moves forward and backward. Some people may find out ..SD-card reader is a paper close to the edge of the computer, but not the kind of mechanism that I’m used to it. Install a set of CD, insert the card into a fountain and a padlock. This is reflected in each other, non-blocking and then click OK. You kind of keep the card you want, but if the card has been docked there, like me, this is not a problem and do not have the dangerous side of the machine, there is not no matter. In addition, it saves cost and complexity in the spring.

While there is a comparison of the two models. NB305-310 is a joy, NB505, not really. NB505 voice is weak, even the cheapest set of external speakers (and audible) to accept voice. This is one of the waterfalls, many new netbooks in general. Stereo worth decide the extra $ 30, U. This device can also be gray with the N455 instead of N450 processor-related activities, I can say (I have both systems). Also the battery life was 11 hours (NB305), 9.5 hours (NB505), reduced to specification. I’m not sure if this series of six different cells depending on the Atom 455 and Windows 7, I think the people complaining about the battery too long.

(I’ve read that the N455 supports DDR3 memory chip technology, CompUSA said that this device is not compatible with the DDR3′re probably best to ask for the DDR3 notebook, but read the alarms Update1: Well. Toshiba NB505 .page website said that the ship DDR3-500-profile written in DDR2, so I think it’s only DDR2 is now. UPDATE2: If you have information, and 305-410, which really comes GDDR3 checked, the card says 1000 MHz to 667 MHz. Can anyone confirm this? Why? Maybe have some DDR3 chips? I wonder if other manufacturers take this trick? purple! No improvement in performance.)

I like the keyboard and the mouse and the arrow keys alone. I also prefer a different speaker / microphone ports, a PC connection.

If you do not get lemon (lemon is very rare) is a solid machine. If you’re wrong, because God’s love to act, quickly and return or exchange as soon as possible because I’ve heard terrible things Toshiba support hdwe problem.
Update3: I have XP, I NB305-310, so most of my money, and how (in progress for more than a few applications at once, select the wallpaper, exotic things like that, plus all the old programs $ actually work invested $ XP)! I loaded XP NB505 last night was the driver of 305 to 310 is as much use everything except the network (internal and cable) are working. I do not know why the network has problems, but the other drivers seemed to work. (See my opinion)
And if anyone says that the resolution is not compatible, so it is! Connect an external display, like the AQUOS high definition trip to see. The panel is bright, rich colors and an external display well .

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Product by Toshiba
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  • Intel Atom processor N455 1.66 GHz, 512KB L2 Cache
  • Configured with 1GB DDR2 (works at 667MHz, max 2GB)
  • 250GB (5400 RPM) Serial ATA hard disk drive
  • 10.1? diagonal widescreen TruBrite display at 1024 x 600 native resolution (WSVGA) with a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlite
  • Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit with a 6 cell/48Wh Lithium Ion battery pack; Battery Life (measured by MobileMark 2007): 8 hours, 21 minutes

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products Description

Leave your laptop at home. Tell your tablet or smartphone to step back. Because now you can enjoy a better Internet experience on the run, thanks to the stylish, award-winning Toshiba mini NB505 netbook-a value-rich companion PC offering a smart, comfortdriven design and exclusive conveniences for light, on-the-go computing. It turns heads with a stylish design in a spectrum of fashionable colors-brown, blue, lime green, orange and turquoise. And thanks to excellent high-speed connectivity, the talented Intel Atom processor, plus up to eight-hour battery life rating, this budget-friendly, best-in-class PC puts you in touch with your favorite people, sites, networks and media most everywhere you go-without compromising your freedom of expression. It also gives you the reliability, compatibility and simplicity you want with Windows 7. Easy to use and small enough to throw in a purse or bag, it comes with an ample 10.1” diagonal display for surfing the web and more, and provides Toshiba “Smart Features” to enhance your mobile life-like a generous full-sized keyboard and TouchPad to ease input. Whether eyeing a first, second or even third PC, grab the netbook that fits both your pocketbook and your ever-expanding mobile life-Toshiba’s mini NB505.

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